14 August 2010


Pics: 4ZZZ | Paints: Ironlak
Location: 264 Barry Parade, Fortutide Valley Q

After a 6-month call out for artists to transform the front building of 4ZZZ's headquarters into a large-scale wall canvas, the alternative-music station found their winner in Sydney artist BEASTMAN - one of the most motivated, prolific young go-getters around. BM is founder and editor of online art bible [weARE theIMAGEmakers] and also works as a designer, photographer, curator and accomplished artist who exhibits regularly (most of the time back to back) around Australia. He curates the cult annual 12x12, and has featured in Semi-Permanent, Empty, Australian Creative and, well more mags that you can poke a shelf at. He'd put Erin Wasson to shame in the ultimate slasher stakes. The above images look dazzling right, but it's another level to see the newly painted facade in person. So next time you sheepishly walk out the Den at the Valley remember to look straight across the road, and marvel at the modern splash to this otherwise mono-bland brown street (aptly matching your brown paper bag of suspect items). 5pm traffic at Fortitude never looked this indigo!

I managed to catch Beastman's solo at Gorker in Melbourne, where the walls were a dark sea-blanket holding his usual insignia of blue/pink/green oblong-dotted Beast monsters. They complimented his wall works, floating fountains of exploding geometric breastcreatures up to no good (or maybe up to no bad?) If you missed this, and love second chances, check out Brad's show with Luke Taffee at Nine Lives opening 19 August at Brisbane. 

If you desire a hardcopy flip through of the practice, check out some of today's most exciting street artitst's works in the new publication Street/StudioThis book provides an intimate (precious at times) insight into the tricky identity of Aussie street art as seen through the eyes of the talented Melbournians who compiled it:  Alison Young, Miso, Ghostpatrol and Gorker's Timba SmithsI was stoked to check out some great street art in Melbourne couple of weeks back, will post adventure pics soon. For now,  chicken-on-sale-from-Woolies awaits my hungry tum....

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