26 August 2010

Desert melodies and Smokey Bops | OR: Australian bands to check out

Kimbra is a silky-sounding New Zealander who wins my heart with a cover of the magnificent Gotye's Hearts a Mess. Also she kind of looks like b+w fashion goddess Gail Sorronda. Kimbra's music video for 'Settle Down' depicts a Stepford Wife mini-me getting tired from her husband's wander. She then sets to prove she is the perfect housewife, but her hub seems rather busy perfecting Blue Steel. Unusual name you might think, but don't confuse her with another chick I googled called Kimbra from New York, who set up a Myspace just to tell the world she is more obsessed with Twilight than your friends are.

Kimbra: on the shelf as a jazzed up version of Camille, Bertie Blackman or an upbeat Katie Noonan.

The Black Ryder are a Sydney psychodelic-reverb duo spawned from the ashes of The Morning After Girls. They have collabed with the likes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Brian Jonestown Massacre (yep, they're still going). Their first album 'Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride' captures this distortionic desert-melody mood that make me want to chain-smoke tiny cigarettes, wear my hair down like a curtain,  draw in a room with one poorly-lit candle, and then go attend a funeral. These things I don't usually do (for starters mum always told me never to draw under poor lighting) - but it's cool when bands conjure up imaginary sides of you. The Black Ryder's standout song Let Go excellently complemented the recent promo-video by Sydney jewelery team Maniamania.

The Black Ryders: on the same shelf as School of Seven Bells, Trailer Trash Tracys and The Jesus and Mary Chain but with five more layers of reverb.

Two other fabolous Aussie bands I'm intently repeating on disc:

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